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Guide On Proper Brooding

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Brooding refers to the period after hatch when special care and attention are needed by chicks 'to ensure they remain healthy and survive before they can be able to manage their own body temperature.

There are 5 essential factors to consider when brooding

1. Temperature management Because of the high surface to body mass ratio chicks lose heat…

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Poultry Record Keeping

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Why record keeping is important

1. Addressing  problems  as they arise on the farm 

2. The well-kept record can serve as a guarantee in loan Borrowing

3. With a record, one can calculate the profitability of the   enterprise

4 . Helps in the study of production performance 

5.Helps in making critical financial decisions 

6.For you to…

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Poultry Diseases

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Poultry diseases have a negative impact  on poultry production they can lead to either

  •  mortalities
  • Morbidity
  • Retarded growth
  • Reduced and lowered production
  • The high cost of production due to the purchase of birds or as a result of loss 

Disease refers to  any deviation from the normal functioning of the animal's body 


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Vaccination Program

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The vaccination program is a guide to a  farmer in the prevention of poultry diseases. Every poultry breeding farm has a vaccination schedule depending on the genetic makeup of their poultry. It is advisable to follow the program as provided.

Vaccination is the exposure of an animal to a vaccine prepared from inactivated or…

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Farmer education is key in ensuring that our farmers do the right things for the success of their businesses,

As the  Home Of Real Chicken, we pride ourselves in passing on knowledge through our flatforms  ie Facebook , WhatsApp groups

farmers training and even farm visits as a  way of mentoring   

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Bio Security

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Implementing biosecurity on a poultry operation can prevent the introduction and spread of infectious diseases, including Avian Influenza. The biosecurity resources below are based on the Checklist for Self? Assessment of Implementing Poultry Biosecurity, which reflects the items included in the Standard E Biosecurity Principles within the National Poultry Improvement Plan, or…

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Poultry housing is a consideration that must be made when deciding to venture into the poultry business. The following are the main importance of having a poultry house 

  • Protection from harsh weather conditions like strong winds, rain, and hot sun.
  • Protection from predators
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