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The vaccination program is a guide to a  farmer in the prevention of poultry diseases. Every poultry breeding farm has a vaccination schedule depending on the genetic makeup of their poultry. It is advisable to follow the program as provided.

Vaccination is the exposure of an animal to a vaccine prepared from inactivated or attenuated antigens similar to those which cause the disease. Antibodies help to protect chicks in the early days of life. However, chicks also need to be vaccinated to boost their immunity against various diseases

 It is important to follow the manufacturer’s direction on the storage and administration of vaccines. Generally, vaccines must be stored between 2o c and 8o c and they should not be exposed to direct sunlight (do not store in the freezer part of the fridge).

The following is the Kukuchic Limited recommended vaccination schedule for both Rainbow Rooster and Kuroiler.

Then vaccinate NCD/IB after every 2 months.


The water for vaccination should be clean rainwater or distilled water. In case the two above are not available, use normal tapped water but the water has to be boiled and allowed to cool overnight then mix with skimmed milk and let it stay for 20 minutes before adding the vaccine.

The administration in the drinking water

  1. This method saves time and labor but needs some attention.
  2. Water should be withheld a few hours (2hrs) before administering the vaccines.
  3. Prepare clean equipment and clean water
  4. Open the vial underwater
  5. Mix the vaccine thoroughly with this small quantity of water.

Distribute and dilute this quantity evenly in an already party filled drinkers.

  1. Administer to the birds immediately
  2. Make sure that there are a sufficient number of drinkers and that they are distributed evenly in the house.
  3. Ensure that all medicated water is consumed in 2hrs
  1. intraocular

The vaccine should be dissolved in normal water as specified by the manufacturer. Use a dropper to apply the vaccine by dropping it a few centimeters above the target which could be eye or nose (one-drop)

  1. wing web

This method is used for vaccination against fowl pox. Dip the double-needle into the vaccine so that both grooves get filled with vaccines. The double-needle is then inserted through the wing –web.

  1. dosage and administration

Age of bird

200 dose pack

500 dose pack

1 to 3 weeks

 1-2 liters

2.5-5 liters

4 to 8 weeks

4 liters

10 liters

Over 8 weeks

8 liters