Kukuchic Ltd a reputable breeder company in Kenya currently specializing in improved kienyeji breeds namely Rainbow Roooster and Kuroiler.

To manage a successful poultry business, adequate knowledge on various aspects of poultry production is very much needed. We have developed a robust and vibrant online Poultry Learning Center with the quest to disseminate vital agricultural information to farmers thus empowering them at their own pace anywhere anytime.

On this learning center you will find technical and professional information as well as tips and best practices that as a farmer you may need to employ in your farming journey in order to realise great success. We are currently in the information age and farmers no longer need to do things the old traditional way because things have changed. This is where Kukuchic comes in to help equip the farmer with the most up to date farming techniques most especially in poultry.

In as much as Kukuchic strives to provide the most accurate information to the farmers out there, it does not guarantee total accuracy of every information found on this learning centre. The reader is however, expected to use their own judgement out of the information they acquire on this site. If however in the course of using this site, you find anything which is not clear or you are unable to find information that you are looking for, you are highly invited to lodge an enquiry with us or you can as well find out much more with your trusted agricultural expert for further clarification or guidance.

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