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The health and success of chicken lie in our hands. knowing what disease they are at risk for is critical for you to allow them to live a healthy life.bumblefoot is caused the introduction of staphylococcus bacteria an is found on the toes, hocks, and pads of chicken  foot 


Dirty and dump litter in the poultry house 

injuries in the foot caused by sharp objects

Sharp wire ends 

jumping repeatedly from a perch


Pus filled abscess covered by a black scab


swelling of the foot 

reluctance to walk

Control measures

keep the litter clean and dry always 

isolating the sick birds 

Eliminate all rough and sharp edges 


Administer proper antibiotic for a specified number of days as prescribed by the veterinarian

soak the affected area with warm water and salt 

Apply antimicrobial on the foot surface to kill the remaining bacteria 

N/B  while treating birds with bumblefoot

, remember to be careful and to make sure you are protecting yourself from the infection with gloves and proper disposal of the material it does not pass on to you and others 

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