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This is a respiratory disease of chicken caused by bacteria that occurs at any stage of the bird. They can contract a disease by either direct contact with an infected bird or the bird can also catch the disease by breathing airborne bacteria and consuming contaminated feed or water


The major carriers of infectious coryza are birds that have recovered and occasionally shed the bacteria during their lives .in addition it can be introduced when an infected bird is brought into the uninfected  flock with usually result into an outbreak since the bird do not show any sign of illness at the beginning of infection


Indicative signs include; swollen eyelids with closed creamy pus oozing from the eyes and blindness.

other visible signs include;

  • sneezing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Difficult in breathing
  • Facial swelling
  • Drop-in egg production
  • Death due to starvation

Prevention and control

The best way to prevent coryza is by maintaining good poultry management, conducting rigorous sanitation , adopting a comprehensive biosecurity plan, isolating the affected birds, quarantine a new flock, and avoid overcrowding.


Administer antibiotic (tylosin ) together with a multivitamin . alternatively, squeeze the white substance in the swollen eye and do a hot fomentation (a mixture of warm water salt and sugar) sponged in the affected area.

Apply ointment cream as recommended by your vet to aid in healing  eg cetrino