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Why record keeping is important

1. Addressing  problems  as they arise on the farm 

2. The well-kept record can serve as a guarantee in loan Borrowing

3. With a record, one can calculate the profitability of the   enterprise

4 . Helps in the study of production performance 

5.Helps in making critical financial decisions 

6.For you to make feeding decisions as well as to create a budget, you will need to analyze your record.

Important parameters to record on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis include;


Production Record                                   Income Record                                           Expenditure Record

Flock number                                             Number of chicken sold                            Feed consumption 

Mortality                                                        Sale of manure                                            Drugs  bought

Vaccination                                                      Eggs sold                                                       Vaccines  used     

Eggs collected                                                     Gunny bags sold                                      Veterinary services.     

Weight gain             



put in mind that for you to succeed in poultry, income and expenses have to be factored in so that you can know if your business is sustainable or not .record usually shows the weakness as well as strength of an enterprise

Methods of Recordkeeping  

Hand recording  which is easy to start, low initial out of pocket expense , only require paper and pen

Computer recording system

Easy to create analysis 

Accurate and faster

Tax-deductible as an expense