Brooding Management

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Starting A Poulty Bussiness

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Day Type of vaccine mode of administration
6 NCD/IB Eye/drinking water
14 Gumboro Drinking water
21 Gumboro Drinking water
28 Newcastle Drinking water

The broiler is a breed that grows very…

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Cold Season Allert

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Mvua inaeza sababisha mafuriko eneo lako

Ensure the chicken house is dry well ventilated during the season

Provide enough warmth for chicks during the cold season

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Guide On Proper Brooding

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Brooding refers to the period after hatch when special care and attention are needed by chicks 'to ensure they remain healthy and survive before they can be able to manage their own body temperature.

There are 5 essential factors to consider when brooding

1. Temperature management Because of the high surface to body mass ratio chicks lose heat…

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