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Brooding Management

To start as off there is a great need to focus on how to settle the baby chicks and give them the almost care 

with this, you will have your chicks thrive well

Disease Control

Prevention is always better than cure to realise profit in poultry production disease control is of importance

Farmer's Success Stories

Experience is the best teacher farmers learn from one another better and past experiences

Feeding & Feed Formulation

It provides the best management practises in management of chicks including the preparations of house and pultry equipments before placement  and after placement of chicks

General Tips on Poultry Husbandry

Every successful farmer requires KEY management practices, learning is always continuous........

Health Benefits Of Chicken Eggs and Meat

chicken egg and meat consumption for health reasons

Marketing of Poultry Products

Shows varous links farmer can market chicken or its products

Pest Control

Best control measures of pests are key  to maximizing on the profits and reducing losses


Poultry as a Business

Poultry farming is one of the lucrative businesses to venture into only when you get the management right

Poultry Housing

contains recomendations on poultry housing for improved kienyeji chicken both Rainbowrooster and Kuroiler

Poultry Vices

This is bad habits developed by chicken as  a result of poor management

Record Keeping

Poultry record keeping is very important it provides a guide on the best management practices


Contains a Vaccination  schedule, mode of administration, and vaccine handling.

The bird when first infected may become ill and need treatment. Vaccination mimics infection. It provides immunity without the animals succumbing to the disease. Thus the animal becomes resistant to the disease before it becomes infected