Precautions In Poultry Vaccinationphp

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I. Vaccine should have been manufactured by a reputed company
which follows the rigid path, standards for vaccines production.
2. Vaccines should be purchased from a shop that has
refrigeration and freezer facilities.
3. Vaccine should not have passed its expiry at printed on its labia
4. Viral live vaccine should be transported from the market to the
farm on ice.
5. Instructions printed on the label of the vaccine should be
strictly followed.
6. Exact dose of vaccine should be administered in the way it is
7. Vaccines should not be stored for a long line. It may be
purchased when needed, but sufficiently in advance so that
vaccination could be done on a scheduled date. One should keep
an eye on whether a vaccine is in short supply.
8. Ailing flock should not be vaccinated. It may not respond to the
vaccine or to the stress due to the vaccine may aggravate the
disease present.
9. Very young chick should not be vaccinated. Maternal
antibodies present in them may neutralize the vim? and may not
all immune responses to develop.
10. Live vaccines should not be used in areas where the disease
has not existed,
11. Equipment used for vaccination should be cleaned and
12. Vaccination should be done during the cold hours. the day