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East Africa and Kenya in particular are experiencing tremendous growth in poultry farming as the region steadfast grows towards achieving food security.

kukuchic limited, a private poultry breeder company have a hatchery capacity of up to  200000 chicks per month.

The company strives to empower farmers one at a time the approach is the provision of after-sales services through an extension team 

The company mainly focuses on Rainbow Rooster and Kuroiler birds  meant for meat and eggs 

Nutrition chicken  meat and eggs are consumed globally by health-conscious individuals because most nutritionists recommend white meat in place of red meat .consumption of poultry products is increasing day by day

 Why start keeping chicks today

1 Does not require much space 

To hit the ground going your backyard could be sufficient to get started.

once you have the initial infrastructure  set up  several other generations of birds can be raised on the same infrastructure year after year depending on the straight off the building

2.Poultry farming is lucrative 

Return on investment is almost always certain, especially if you commercialize. With the short maturity hence the product can be sold to the neighborhood, friends  relatives, and the local market 


Your keeping poultry in itself employment. By keeping it on a larger scale will let you be able to employ a person or two 

4. Low labor cost 

Since poultry farming is not a sophisticated endeavor, not much skill is often required to start and run a poultry enterprise while the technical aspect can be learned easily few hours of learning

Besides the aforementioned benefits of poultry keeping, there lie numerous other latent benefits. start your journey now and gradually to earn good profits 

always seek expert advice before you venture into the poultry business