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Animals that are obviously diseased or injured should never be sold or used for human consumption

  • Poultry slaughtered on-farms for own use or farm gate sales must be killed humanely .humane slaughter must be quickly and effectively make an animal unconscious an enable to feel pain before being bled out, options include neck dislocation, beheading with sharp knife or ax followed by bleeding out

Meat spoilage or contamination can occur if good processing techniques are not followed. Meat contamination can occur with

  1. Incorrect handling of the carcass during processing 
  2. Careless butchering and contamination of carcass with fecal materials or internal organs 
  3. Infrequent cleaning sanitation of processing equipment 
  4. Failing to chill carcass to the correct temperature  within an appropriate timeframe

it is important to prevent meat contamination and spoilage in order to reduce the risk of illness in people who consume the meat

Keep it clean-Prevent Bacterial Contamination

  • Butcher poultry in a clean area that is free of pests and trash bacteria-free area
  • Wash hands before and after butchering birds and wear disposable gloves were possible 
  • Avoid contact between your clothes and carcass while processing
  • Wash and sanitize Knives regularly during processing 
  • If fecal material or intestinal contents contaminate a carcass, use a sharp clean knife to trim off the affected meat or skin. Do not spray with water because that will spread the contamination.

keep it cool -Prevent bacterial growth

  • Meat spoilage results from bacterial growth, which occurs with increasing temperature and length of time before carcasses are chilled. defeather, process, and chill birds immediately after slaughter 
  • chill the carcass to 4degrees within two hours

Keep it safe

  • Protect meat from intestinal contents or fecal contamination, which contain bacteria and parasites
  • Wash and sanitize knives frequently, but only sanitize knives clean of debris, feathers, and blood 
  • Trim contaminated meat from the rest of the carcass and wash the knife after trimming
  • Label meat packages with the date and freeze