Tips To Raising Healthy Poultry Php

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In kukuchic we believe raising healthy poultry serves many purposes. Happy chicken living in a stress-free environment produces large eggs, and higher quality meat compared to chicken living in an overcrowded house.

Select the right breed

Research is a key factor here. Are you getting chickens so that you can have a large supply of eggs , are you looking for chicken that produces a large amount of meat or both 

kukuchic limited has made it easier for you with the introduction om improved kienyeji breeds which are dual-purpose meant for meat and eggs  with an average of 220 eggs per year and 2.5 kg meat dress 

The breeds are resilient and disease resistant 

Maintain the poultry house

Provide a safe poultry unit with adequate lighting. having a safe, indoor space is essential for the birds, regularly check the poultry house from predators. Keeping your birds in an enclosed house protects them from dogs, rats, snakes.

protect the flock against disease

Similarly to a house pet, make sure that you are vaccinating your chickens against disease. control insects and parasite infestations. this goes hand in hand with cleanliness and vaccinations

Invest in quality feed 

Maintain a good feed source. consider adding calcium and mineral-rich additives such as oyster shell earth to grains. this will not only enrich the diet of the chickens , but added calcium will also help produce strong eggs.

commonly made mistakes 

Although a lot of us have been raising poultry for some time, there may be some people who are just getting into raising roosters and hens. here's a list of the five things we wish we were told when we started raising our flock

  1. The golden ratio
  2. Not taking inventory of your flock
  3. Not reading up on the law
  4. Forgetting climate control
  5. Forgetting to elevate the coop